Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Introduction

Where shall I start? Why am I, a non-food critic writing a blog about food (because everyone else on the internet already is, and I felt left out, obviously)? Or why Williamson St?

As it turns out, one question answers the other. I live on Williamson St.; I bought a house here with my fiance about two years ago. I've lived on the East Side of Madison off and on since high school, so I'm pretty native. But now I work over on the West Side, and it is amazing what a difference that makes! People hear you live on the East Side and assume you live near prostitutes and crack heads. Oh, and also, there's no parking.

Just another glorious morning on the East Side!

Part of me wants to think "Good! Stay out! I don't need you wandering around my neighborhood, increasing my property taxes!" but then again, I don't actually have a stake in any of these restaurants. I just like to go to them (although I DO like not having to wait for a table....). Fact of the matter is, it's past time to get the word out that Willy St is no longer a nest of thieves, but home to Midwestern hipsters of all flavors, from the fixed gear aficionados, to the music gods, to the ironic, to the academic... we've got them all. Sometimes you want to shake the shit out of them, but they're harmless. And parking? Yeah, there's not a ton, but there's enough. You might have to park around the block, but after your belly is filled to bursting, you'll appreciate the extra 30 yards.

My taste in food can be pretty Midwestern. I won't be ordering the spiciest thing on the menu, or the most bizarre, but that's why I'll bring other people along, since I've got no problem tasting the most bizarre thing on the menu!!
You want bizarre? Somebody else already does that.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Dream

Welcome to Every on Willy, where I, a 20-something local resident, will attempt to tempt you, my reading public, to try a new restaurant on Williamson St, on the near-East side of Madison, WI.

I have given myself a massive challenge this summer: Eat at every food establishment on Williamson St. Will I get fat? Maybe. Will I go broke? Likely. Will it all be delicious? Absolutely!

This will be a blog about the food, the place, and the fun times. I'll do my best to entertain you while I stuff my face.