Monday, May 6, 2013

Weary Traveler Freehouse

For my first review, I debated how to begin. Start at one end and work my down seemed the obvious choice, but doesn't quite fit with the laissez faire attitude of our neighborhood, so I decided to start instead at my favorite neighborhood haunt, and branch out from there.

Photo (c) AdamF Photography

Cinco de Mayo was a perfect Willy St day: waiting in line for seven hours outside Star Liquor for beerfest tickets, getting sustenance from Lazy Jane scones and croissants (still warm!). After the tickets were acquired  it was to Underground Butcher Shop for a sandwich ... but we'll get to reviews for those establishments later this summer! The point is, I felt like it was the perfect day to formally begin my Quest.
Photo (c) AdamF Photography
Weary Traveler Freehouse is my perfect neighborhood bar. I've spent many nights there, whether for dinner with friends, drinks and board games, or a hot adult beverage after a cold winter day. But this is no ordinary neighborhood bar! The food here is some of the best I've had anywhere. There is a definite comfort food slant to the food, with a goulash that according to the menu comes from the chef's Hungarian grandmother. The more substantial dishes, like the pork chop, the Dijon chicken, or the nightly special, are all definitely of a higher caliber than anyone would expect for "neighborhood bar"!! Any of these dishes would fit in easily at the restaurants "up the Hill" for double the price. Another fun feature of Weary Traveler: no french fries! But don't worry,  rather than soggy french fries, you'll get either a yummy small green salad with a nice vinagrette, or seasoned potatoes.
For the night of my official Every on Willy review, I went with my fiance' and we each got our favorite dishes. Adam got the Reuben, and as an East Coast native, he knows a good Reuben when he finds one! I opted for the Bob's Bad Breath Burger, which has been frequently voted one of the best burgers in Madison.  It comes loaded with cream cheese, pickapeppa sauce, and green goddess dressing. YUM!

In addition to the amazing food, I don't know the owner personally, but I do know that he is a huge advocate of the local bicycling community, being the title sponsor of the Team Magnus cyclocross team, and I think he deserves a shout out for being cool enough to support that!

I do apologize about the photos.... I might not be a foodie expert, but I am a certified lighting design professional, so I knew it would be tough to get a decent shot of the food in the dimly lit restaurant, but the manager was unimpressed by my tripod and story about a blog, so.... go-go smartphone!!
Bad Breath Burger

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